eBralec 4
It reads written text.
You just listen.

Often you are not able to read some texts. However, you could listen to it. Even the slightest unread but important message can have serious consequences. Assure yourself or others free access to written information. Even when reading the text is not an option.

Computer pronunciation of text can ease work greatly and make it cheaper.

Did you have to read something, but you ran out of time to do it? You could listen to it on the go for instance. Maybe, you can't read the text due to your body disability or technical restrictions? Are you troubled by high costs of your employees' exchange of information?

Who can benefit from eBralec a lot?

Primarily the blind and people visually impaired. eBralec presents a window to the world to them. People who cannot read the text, can listen to them instead using eBralec.

eBralec is also a great aid to people, who have no problems with the eyesight. The difficulties eBralec can deal with are:

Listen to the text that you couldn't have read, because you were too busy.

Are you too busy? You are unable to read everything you should, due to the time constraints. But, you could listen to them. For example, on the way to a meeting. You will arrive well-prepared and achieve better outcome at the meeting.

Avoid reading difficulties in low-visibility conditions.

Do you have difficulty reading from the screen at work? The screen can be too little, too far away, or they glare. It's really difficult to read from such screens, for some even impossible. Convert the text into speech! Listen what you cannot see!

Let your webpage or blog talk.

Text on your webpage can also be heard. This way they become available to everyone. To people who don't see well, but have no problems with hearing, too. Let you webpage or blog become visible to blind, visually impaired, and many elderly people. They might become your most valuable customers.

An assistant for spoken information that never gets tired.

For spoken information you can use eBralec, instead of human. eBralec will read a text just as a human would. Users will have a 24/7 access to it. It never gets tired or complains. It needs neither vacation nor salary.

How to lower the high cost of text prerecording?

The cost of recording text grows with number and quantity of the text. Sometimes text is too dynamic or even impossible to prerecord? eBralec will read any text, no matter of its size.

The size and type of text are no concern.

A short e-mail, any document, screen info or a long book… You can listen to the text many times and repeat particular sections. Everything is fully adjustable.

The most natural and fluent pronunciation of Slovene language in the world.

eBralec is used by the Union of the blind and partially sighted of Slovenia, due to the most fluent pronounciation. eBralec is integrated into RoboBraille, the world's most prominent free online service for blind and visually impaired.

How can eBralec help?

Use spoken communication for computer work, if reading is difficult or completely impossible, or if listening is preferable over reading. Let the computer simply read any text to you or any other user.

In this way, you can:

  • Listen to a text anywhere, anytime, and as often as you like
  • Simplify and make the business workflow cheaper
  • Ease the communication
  • Enable the blind, visually impaired people, and elderly access to text contents.

For extra information about eBralec and possible solutions to your problems phone (+386 (1) 8311 035 or +386 (1) 4239 440), or e-mail us (info@ebralec.si).