eBralec Windows

1. Download

Please, click Download button, to start setup software download. An archive of all the software's versions is available via FTP or HTTP.

eBralec - Setup eBralec - Setup

Filename eBralec.exe Version 3.3
Size 1.74MB Date 1/10/2017

2. Install

After download is complete, run the setup software. You'll have to provide the licence code during the setup of program package, when performing fresh installation (not upgrading). If you do not have a licence code yet, request one here.

Software Package System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium Pro™ or compatible PC;
  • Microsoft® Windows 7 or newer;
  • 400MB space on hard drive;
  • 512MB RAM;
  • sound card;
  • Microsoft ® DirectX 9.0 (for the eBralec Mini user interface);
  • internet connection