eBralec 4 Prices

eBralec 4 Windows

eBralec 4 Windows software package is the most appropriate version of eBralec for most users. It runs on Windows and is SAPI 5 compliant.

Shortest period of use is one year. Annual payments only.

Non-Commercial Personal Use

eBralec 4 Windows software package can be installed and used personally on user's devices only for non-commercial personal use.

Commercial Use

A commercial use of the eBralec software package is considered:

  • If user integrates eBralec software package or an audio file made using eBralec software package in any way into software, products, services, websites, web applications, etc.

  • If user enables use of at least one eBralec software package licence or channel, or use of at least one audio file made using eBralec software package, to multiple concurrent users.

  • Commercial use also includes the marketing, sale or public broadcasting of audio files made by using the software package.

For a subscription estimate, please contact us by phone (+386 (1) 4239 440 or +386 (1) 8311 035) or E-mail (info@ebralec.si).

Annual Fee

Subscription is charged in advance for a one-year period. Subscribers are charged for the future one-year period about a month before the current subscription period ends. Updates are free of charge for our subscribers.

Longer-term Subscriptions

Lower your subscription by advanced payment for a longer period. If you pay the subscription for 2 years, you save 5%. Paying for 3 years, saves 10%, and paying for 4 years saves 15%.

Subscription Cancellation

Subscriptions must be cancelled by written notice. At least one month before the current one-year period ends recommended, or within 14 days from the date, the bill for the next one-year subscription period was issued.

The end date of the current one-year subscription period is displayed in the eBralec 4 Windows software package's Settings, along with subscriber information, the licence serial number, the current software version and the number of licences used.

Other Costs

All other service costs (i.e. adjustments, on-premise installations) are payable for all groups of users after initial agreement and user order confirmation.

eBralec 3 Windows

Non-Commercial Personal Use for Blind, Visually and Reading Impaired

For blind, visually impaired or reading disordered persons (e.g. dyslectic), the eBralec 3 Windows software package is provided for non-commercial personal use. To get the free licence and technical support based on medical certificate, please contact Library for Blind and Visually Impaired (info@kss-ess.si).

Slovenian Public Sector Institutions

For Slovenian public sector institutions, eBralec 3 Windows software package is provided for internal use. Internal use means non-commercial on-premises use by end users on devices owned by institution.